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GOESTO: The New Standard

You know the feeling.

Staring at an overflowing closet, with a never-ending sense of having nothing to wea. Clothing with seams coming apart after only a few turns in the wash.

It began with simply wanting to understand ‘quality.’

It’s a systemic issue. We’re not afraid of that. We’re building a company that proves there is a better way.

We’re making clothes what they should be: Clothes that fit. Clothes that feel great. Pieces that inspire.

This isn’t a trend. This Is The New Standard.

That's why GOESTO fashion needs to travel around the world.

1 simple question: Do you know where your clothes come from?

GOESTO is a Belgian Brand which has his roots in Italy, Monza. It is a European brand, designed and made in Europe. It is all about two family owned businesses which are working together to achieve The New Standard. On 15th September 2016 the first GOESTO-collection was shown in Belgian in two shops, one shop near Antwerp and one shop near Ghent.

GOESTO began with a grand vision:

to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform and cloths for only these people that care about timeless style and solid construction.

On October 30th, 2016, one of the main speakers, Annemie Turtelboom, on the GlobsecTatra Summit in Bratislave (Slovakia) was wearing a dress of Goesto.

GLOBSEC TATRA SUMMIT is a prominent international conference discussing the most pressing European political, economic and financial affairs. It is organized by GLOBSEC and October 2016 will bring already the fifth edition of the conference. While scrutinising the most burning economic and political EU issues of today, GLOBSEC TATRA SUMMIT incorporates a variety of perspectives and builds trust among the representatives of the EU institutions, member states’ ministries of foreign affairs, finance and economy, business leaders, think tanks and international media.

There’s nothing accidental about Annemie Turtelboom's ascent to the top of the Belgian Fashion Industry. She’s caught the eye of fashion lovers and insiders alike for her powerful, minimal aesthetic. With her command of an outfit, you’d think Annemie is a Belgian fashion industry veteran, but her chosen career is in politics.

“For me, fashion and what I wear is profoundly part of my identity. I very much believe that identity is fluid, and can change throughout your lifetime as you transact with different environments.”she says. “What I love about GOESTO is first of all, the minimalist look of the clothes, and that they’re timeless. And then when you talk to the founders, you find this amazing story about where they came from. It goes so perfectly with the women who follow Belgian fashion all over the world, who want to think about clothes.”

Annemie Turtelboom


Member of the Federal Parliament; former Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium

Annemie is a Member of the Belgian Federal Parliament. Until May 2016, she served as Deputy First Minister, Minister of Budget, Finance and Energy in the Flemish Government.

Prior to this position, Annemie served as Minister of Justice in the Federal Government of Belgium. During her time as Minister of Justice, Annemie instituted a sweeping reform of the judiciary, which reduced the number of judicial regions and increased the autonomy of prosecutors. She also oversaw the abdication of King Albert and the investiture of King Philippe—a first in Belgian history.

Prior to serving as Minister of Justice, Annemie served as Minister of Migration and Minister of the Interior in the Belgian Federal Government. During her tenure in those positions, Annemie had oversight over the Belgian intelligence and security services. She led highly sensitive negotiations with her counterparts in the United States Government and the European Union regarding the arrest, prosecution and extradition of suspected terrorists. She also arranged for the return of illegal migrants to Morocco, a first in Belgian history.

Between 2008 and 2014, Annemie represented Belgium as Minister at the European Union’s Council of Justice and Home Affairs. Annemie has spoken extensively on topics of security and migration in Europe at the United Nations, in Washington, DC and in various European capitals and has visited refugee camps in Africa. Annemie started her political career as member of the Belgian Federal Parliament in 2003 after teaching marketing for ten years.

Annemie is fluent in Dutch, English and French and obtained a Economics at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. In her free time she enjoys cycling and skiing, and she serves a Chairman of the Friends of the Fashion Museum in Antwerp.

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